The Issue object is expertly engineered to streamline your development workflow, offering an extensive array of prebuilt functions tailored for scalability. This class, an extension of JIRA's issue functionality, simplifies complex processes and enhances productivity.

Propertyis_subtaskChecks if the issuetype is a subtask.
Propertyhas_parentChecks if the issue has a parent.
Propertyhas_attachmentsChecks if the issue has attachments.
Propertyhas_commentsChecks if the issue has comments.
Propertyhas_linksChecks if the issue has links to other issues.
Propertylast_commentReturns the last comment on the issue.
Propertyhas_subtasksChecks if the issue has subtasks.
Propertyparent_summaryReturns the summary of the parent issue if it exists; otherwise, returns the summary of the current issue.
Propertyparent_statusReturns the summary of the parent issue if it exists; otherwise, returns the summary of the current issue.
PropertycommentsFetches the list of comments for the issue, list goes from older to newer Parameters: None. Returns List of Comments with the following structure: [ "self": "comment url", "id": "327254", "author": { "self": "user url", "accountId": "accountIdoftheUser", "emailAddress": "", "avatarUrls": {urls}, "displayName": "user.displayname", "active": true, "timeZone": "America/New_York", "accountType": "atlassian" }, "body": "message body is here", "updateAuthor": { "self": "url of the updateauthor", "accountId": "accountIdoftheUser", "emailAddress": "", "avatarUrls": {urls} "displayName": "display name of the user", "active": true, "timeZone": "America/New_York", "accountType": "atlassian" }, "created": "2024-01-22T18:06:48.618-0500", "updated": "2024-01-22T18:06:48.618-0500", "jsdPublic": bool ]
Methodcopy_field_fromsource_issue, field
Methodcopy_field_valuesource_field, target_field
Methodassign_toaccount_id: str or dictAssigns the issue to the specified user by account id or user object (eg.: reporter field, assignee field) example: issue.assign_to(issue.fields.reporter) it uses the "set" function behind the curtains (return None)
Methodsetfield, valueSets a field of the issue to the specified value in a separate thread.
MethoddeleteDeletes the issue.
Methodlink_tooutward_key, link_type_name="Relates to"Links the current issue to another issue with the specified link type.
Methodtransitiontransition, **fieldsTransitions an issue to the selected status. Parameters: `transition` (str or int, representing either the transition name or ID), additional keyword arguments for fields. If `transition` is a name, it must be an exact match. Returns API response. Raises: ValueError: If `transition` is neither a string nor an integer.
Methodadd_commentcomment, internal=FalsePost a comment to a Jira issue. Parameters: `comment` (str), `internal` (bool, default False). Returns API response.
Methodset_propertykey: str, value: anySets an issue property. Properties are "arbitrary" so value can be any. # Added @ 12/12/23